Beef Tendon 2 pieces


Origin: Turkey

Packaging: 2 Pieces

Content minimum values: 

Protein: 77,9%

Fat: 5,9%

Raw ash: 7,3%

Humidity: 7,3

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Pure, completely natural Hawhaw Beef Tendon does not contain artificial colors or flavors. Drying at the appropriate ambient temperature, your dog is able to get the taste. Our Cattle Tendons help to support your dog’s dental health. This hard dog chewing product helps to scrape plaque buildup. This snack also helps to reduce the stress and anxiety of your dog to keep your offspring healthy and happy. Bovine Tendons are full of proteins to help your dog build strong muscles. Just remember to put some water in the container to avoid clogging when using this product.

-HawHaw dog chewing products are extremely healthy and organically produced.

-Your dog needs to chew. At the same time, it prevents tooth and plaque disease. It removes the smell from the mouth.

-Allows you to have fun with your dog.


Produced in Turkey for HawHaw.


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