Beef Ears 5 pieces


Origin: Turkey

Packaging: 5 Pieces

Content minimum values: 

Protein: 91,8%
Fat: 2,5%
Raw ash: 5,7%

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Beef Ears 5 pieces

Hawhaw Beef Ears is an extraordinary snack that you can confidently give to your dogs with its cartilage and hard structure. Ideal for oral care of all types of dogs. Your dog eats the ears of your dog will lose his face almost perfect.

Beef Ears is a product with which your dog will have a good time and be fed with delicious ingredients. Because it contains high protein, it will also provide natural nutrition. It is very suitable for the taste of your dog. the dog will definitely not say no. With unbearable taste will become a habit. Puppies will perform all of your commands in the training period.



-HawHaw dog chewing products are extremely healthy and organically produced.

-Your dog needs to chew. At the same time, it prevents tooth and plaque disease. It removes the smell from the mouth.

-Allows you to have fun with your dog.


Produced in Turkey for HawHaw.


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