Dogs Natural Chewing

Bully Sticks – Depending on the dog, bully sticks can be a fairly long lasting chew. A natural source of protein, the chews are dehydrated and smoked for extra flavor. Bully sticks are certainly a crowd pleaser in the canine world, pup parents however, have long searched for a chew their dog can love just as much with a lot less scent!

Deer/Elk Antlers – Antlers are a super long lasting chew that come from a naturally shed animal rack which is great from a carbon foot-print standpoint. Antlers don’t offer a ton of flavor and some dogs have experienced a cracked tooth as a by-product of their enthusiastic chewing.

Rawhide – While USA sourced is best for these chews because they tend to be treated with less chemicals than their foreign counterparts (it is recommended foreign rawhides be completely avoided), the biggest concern is that this chew cannot be fully digested by your pup. Chunks of a rawhide have been swallowed whole and can lead to blockages and emergency surgery. Although some dogs respond well to rawhides, this is a chew to give consideration to if there are any pre-existing digestive issues as the richness of the chew can trigger belly reactions.

Nylabone – Self-described as a polymer of synthetic plastics not safe for consumption, this bone is marketed for it’s teeth cleaning effectiveness. We would urge consumers to think about if it makes sense for them to provide their dog with a chew that isn’t “safe for consumption”. We’ll end our piece of that conversation right there…

When it comes time to buy your dog a chew, the considerations and options are plentiful. Be mindful in your purchase and consider not only your pups needs but also the qualities you are looking for in this specific type of treat.

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