Why Do Dogs Chew?

Chewing is about as normal and natural for dogs as it gets – you would be hard pressed to find a pooch that never chews. Of course, just like with many other dog behaviors, chewing has to be directed so that it’s not harmful to your pup or his environment. Whether he’s a puppy or…

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Dogs Natural Chewing

Bully Sticks – Depending on the dog, bully sticks can be a fairly long lasting chew. A natural source of protein, the chews are dehydrated and smoked for extra flavor. Bully sticks are certainly a crowd pleaser in the canine world, pup parents however, have long searched for a chew their dog can love just…

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Story About Dog Chewing

It was booster vaccination time for Dobbie, nothing about dog chewing basically. Dobbie was a Collie crossed dog. I was giving him an all-over health check. As I examined him, I asked his owner if there was anything she was particularly worried about.   ‘I’m a bit concerned about his feeding habits’ she told me. ‘He…

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