Beef Trachea End Parts 100 gr.


Origin: Turkey

Packaging: 100 gram

Content minimum values: 

Protein: 71,5%

Fat: 4,1%

Raw ash: 14,4%

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Hawhaw Beef Trachea end parts  Are the little cute but naughty dogs handing your house away? Does he chew all the slippers and nibble all over the place? It is a natural product that will provide its calming and food supplementation. Its small parts make it easy to digest. It removes the tooth itching and provides healthy teeth. If you are a cream cake for you, your little friend can be sure that this product is the same thing. It enables it to develop rapidly and help it pass a stress-free development period. This product will serve as both a toy and a delicious cookie for a combative dog.

-HawHaw dog chewing products are extremely healthy and organically produced.

-Your dog needs to chew. At the same time, it prevents tooth and plaque disease. It removes the smell from the mouth.

-Allows you to have fun with your dog.


Produced in Turkey for HawHaw.


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