Beef Pizzle 5 pieces


Origin: Turkey

Packaging: 5 Pieces

Content minimum values: 

Protein: 82.7%

Fat: 1,9%

Raw ash: 1,4%

Humidity: 4,1

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Beef Pizzle 5 pieces

Hawhaw Beef Pizzle is a non-natural chewing product. Your dog does not count as a benefit for gum care. The most important feature of the rigid structure of the tooth tartar and is not a product for maintenance. Cattle penis is an excellent snack for your dog. Even for the dogs that are suitable for weight gain, the Taurus penis is an ideal product.

Cattle penis contains very low protein content because of its low calorie content. Due to its hard structure, it acts as a toothbrush. The dog is massaging the teeth and gums while chewing this product. In this way, tooth stones and pain problems are prevented. Natural chewing products, the Hawhaw Beef pizzle, do more.

Regular chewing makes the jaw bones stronger and fulfills the satisfaction. You will be happier with this dog-friendly product and will always ask you for a hawhaw beef pizzle. Naturally produced as a snack. it also contains no additives. Your dog is also entitled to be happy and healthy. It is a product you can use in the form of reward food and it is very important to strengthen your communication with our little friend.

veterinary surgeons recommend natural products for a long-lasting and healthy dog ​​life. hawhaw beef pizzle is sold in 100 g packages and filled in hygienic environments. it is completely natural and does not contain any chemical substances. Thanks to its delicious taste, your dog will be interested in this product for a long time. This product has now taken its place in the most exclusive stores in the UK.




-HawHaw dog chewing products are extremely healthy and organically produced.

-Your dog needs to chew. At the same time, it prevents tooth and plaque disease. It removes the smell from the mouth.

-Allows you to have fun with your dog.


Produced in Turkey for HawHaw.


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