Beef Headskin End Parts 100 gr


Origin: Turkey

Packaging: 100 Gram

Content minimum values: 

Protein: 70.1%

Fat: 11,3%

Raw ash: 1,6%

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Hawhaw Beef Headskin and Parts, This product consists of beef scalp in small particles. The flavor is unbearable. It prevents the bad smell that may be present in your dog and will chew as a gum. Dear friends, worthy of the mouth, the flavor will be crazy beef scalp particles. Excellent care in dental health will be done with teeth-friendly scalp that will chew in the mouth like unbearable taste and chewing gum.

,-HawHaw dog chewing products are extremely healthy and organically produced.

-Your dog needs to chew. At the same time, it prevents tooth and plaque disease. It removes the smell from the mouth.

-Allows you to have fun with your dog.


Produced in Turkey for HawHaw.


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